Waxing Services

New in 2016, when you get three or more areas waxed you save 30% on your total!

Choose from:

Lip Wax

Brow Wax - Maintenance or Initial Shaping

HD Brow Service

Bikini Wax

Lower Leg Wax

Full Leg Wax

Underarm Wax

Waxing FAQs:

Q. Does waxing hurt?

A. It depends on a few factors, such as where you are in your menstral cycle, skin sensitivities, the area of the body being waxed, as well as your experience getting waxed in the past. If this is your first time waxing, chances are you'll experience some discomfort. I make every effort to keep the process as painless as possible. However, it is highly recommended that you not get waxed within a few days of your period, as the hormones can heighten your sensitivity. The bikini area and underarms are much more sensitive naturally and can have some pinprick bleeding. Topical numbing creams can be purchased to apply to the area getting waxed approximately 45 minutes prior to your appointment to ease any pain associated with waxing.

Q. What's the difference between Initial Brow Shaping, Brow Maintenance, and an HD Brow Service?

A. If you have never had your brows waxed before or need them properly shaped for your face, you should schedule an Initial Brow Shaping. During your 30 minute appointment, I will take the time to evaluate the current shape and thickness of your brows and help to define your arch in its correct position to open the eyes, clean up between and under the brows, and trim the brow hairs. Light tweezing is done above the brow.

If you have had your brows properly shaped before and just need to clean them up, you should schedule a Brow Maintenance appointment. Ideally, I recommend scheduling an Initial Brow Shaping with me if I have never done your brows before so that we have time for a thorough consultation. Adjustments may need to be made to your arch or starting/ending points. During your 15 minute Brow Maintenance appointment, I will clean up between and under the brows and trim the brow hairs. Light tweezing is done above the brow.

If you would like your brows shaped and the color adjusted to either match your colored hair or darkened to look more prominent or fuller, you should schedule an HD Brow Service appointment. During your 30 minute appointment, brows are fully shaped and tinted.

After each brow service, you can choose whether or not you would like them filled in with makeup and concealer applied to hide redness for an additional $2.

Q. Do you offer Brazillian Waxing?

A. No, at this time I do not offer Brazillian waxing. The Bikini Wax only encompases the area just outside the bikini line in the crease of the leg and the first few inches of the top of the thighs. If there is any visible hair outside the bikini line in the buttocks area, this is waxed as well but not between the buttocks. Proper Brazillian waxing is done with a hard wax, and right now I only offer waxing with a soft wax. If enough interest builds for Brazillians, I may consider adding it at a later date.

Q. When should I get waxed in relation to having other spa services done, such as a pedicure or a spray tan?

A. If you are planning on having a pedicure done, make sure you do not wax (or shave) your legs for at least 48 hours prior to your appointment. Waxing your legs opens the hair follicles and pores on your legs and makes it more likely that you could catch an infection from the pedicure tub if it hasn't been properly sanitized. Shaving also can create microscopic tears that also leave you vulnerable to infection. If you are planning on having a spray tan, you should get waxed 24 hours before your spray tan. This allows any wax residue or product residue to be fully removed from the skin so as not to create a barrier.

Q. I use Retin-A. Can I still get waxed?

A. You should discontinue all Retin-A, Accutane, and other skin-thinning products on your body at least two weeks prior to getting waxed. These products thin the skin and can cause it to tear during the removal of the wax.

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