2016 Rewards Program

Love getting something for doing the things you are already doing? Then you'll LOVE my new Rewards Program! It's easy to earn points, which you can then use towards services or retail products to keep your hair looking amazing longer.

Here's how the points work:

Earn 1 point for every dollar you spend on services or retail products.

Earn BONUS Points When You-

** Refer a new client to Beauty By Sue, Get 100 points when they come in for their first service

** Refer THREE new clients in the same month, Get 250 points!!

** Sign up for the Facial-Of-The-Month Club, Get 5 points

** Your first facial, Get 5 points

** Your first brow wax, Get 5 points

** Post a selfie and tag Beauty By Sue, Get 25 points

** Check in during your appointment on Facebook, Get 50 points

** Leave a review on Facebook, StyleSeat, or Google+, Get 50 points

** Comment or share a Facebook, Google+, or Instagram post, Get 5 points

*** Spend $75 or more on one service appointment, Get 10 points

*** Spend $20-$49 on retail at one appointment, Get 5 points

*** Spend $50 or more on retail at one appointment, Get 7 points

**** During your Birthday Month, GET DOUBLE POINTS!!!

Now, what do all these points get you?

100 Points= $10 off

250 Points= $25 off

500 Points= $50 off

Points add up quickly! For example, if you come in for a root touch up, your total is $20. You spend $20 on shampoo. Right there you've earned 45 points. Then, while you're here, you check in on Facebook. There's another 50 points. After you leave, you post a selfie and leave a review. Boom! Another 75 points. You now have a whopping 170 points. You can use 100 at your next root touch up and basically cut it in half, or you can save your points for another bottle of that shampoo next time you run out. All you need is to refer one friend, and that next bottle in on me. Pretty easy, huh?

A little more about those referals...

So when you get your next compliment on how gorgeous your hair or skin is, make sure to hand that person my card. And be sure to let them know that when they come see me, they are going to get 10% off their first service, HALF PRICE off one bottle of shampoo or conditioner to keep their style looking fabulous (or one skin care item if they choose to come see me for my facials), PLUS they'll start their Rewards total with a BONUS 100 Points! Now that's a pretty amazing deal, don't you think? You've now earned yourself 100 Points and $10 off your next service as my way of saying a heartfelt THANK YOU for supporting my business. It's clients like you that keep my business going, and in 2016, I want to be sure you know how much I appreciate you.

Happy New Year and welcome to a beautiful new way to save some money in 2016!!

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